Food Hygiene

Your employees, on an average, eat one meal and one snack during 8 hour shift. Its but natural that Hygiene and Nutritional content affects their health to a great extent. This is also an opportunity to educate employees so that they carry this learning to their homes.

We have analysed over 150,000 Hospitalization claims under Group Medical Insurance. One of the biggest cause of claims after Cardiac events is Gastro- Intestinal infections like Typhoid Fever & Jaundice.

With the implementation of Food Safety Act in India, the responsibility of Industry regarding operation of on site cafeteria or food provided by an outsourced caterer has increased significantly. The law mandates that the principle employer must take steps to assess food hygiene on a regular basis. We provide comprehensive turnkey solution which consists of

  • Food Hygiene audit: It starts at the Stores area of your vendor and ends with the food in your plate at the cafeteria. Our auditor virtually shadows the whole process and scores on a scorecard of 100 points.
  • During the audit we carry out Microbiological sampling of food.
  • Training programs for vendor on hygiene, HACP, healthy cooking methods, registration / licensing under Food Safety Act.
  • Nutritional labeling of cafeteria food is complimentary and very comprehensive.
  • The audits are conducted by trained auditors who are basically Nutritionists. The Over site is provided by ISO 22000 certified Food safety Auditor.