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We publish monthly newsletter which is very rich in content and exclusively deals with topics on Health & Wellness. The content is designed for the whole family. Organizations can subscribe to it, we customize it its logo or branding of internal wellness program. Some of the features are, Monthly flavor of current topics / WHO days Links to articles from leading world online newsletters Delivered in PDF format on every 5th of the month Option to send comments to editor Option to write articles for Continue reading →

Wellness Portal

Organizations & employees who are hard pressed for time look to On line information and help. Our Web based service is delivered through our Wellness portal OrangeRx( We deliver a variety of services to the employees, families and the employer. The key services are, 24 X 7 Doctor on call 24 X 7 Doctor and counselor on call back 12 x 5 On line chat with Doctor, Dietician and Counselor Second opinion from our panel of experts Specialist Appointment service in your town Family Continue reading →

360° Wellness – Our Wellness program

Our survey  shows that employees have five key concerns. We believe that Organizations interested in wholesome, comprehensive & sustainable ‘Culture of Wellness’ need to establish a program that addresses these five key aspects which the employee is interested in. We design and implement a comprehensive program based on the client’s needs. Such programs need to be driven by scorecard & metric. It is desirable to define & measure outcomes. Our programs contain outcome measures like reduction in absence, containing Healthcare cost & ROI on Wellness spends. The Continue reading →

Hearing Conservation Program (HCP)

Exposure to noise is very common but unfortunately goes unnoticed until employees complain or noise mapping is done. An effective hearing conservation program can prevent hearing loss, improve employee morale, increase productivity and reduce the incidence of stress.The Factories Act mandates such a program. Viron offers a very elaborate HCP which includes but is not limited to the following critical elements, Noise mapping Noise monitoring program Personal exposure assessment Audiometry Selection of Hearing protection devices (HPDs) Employee training and education Recordkeeping Program evaluation

Respiratory Protection Program

Potential exposure and breathing of air contaminated with harmful dusts, fogs, fumes, mists, gases, smokes, sprays and vapours causes significant reduction in lung capacity which directly impacts physical capability of employees. Such impact worsens if employees are not educated on respiratory protection, provided with right personal protection equipment (PPE) and advice on quitting smoking. Viron offers a comprehensive program which includes the following key components and is compliant with OSHA & Factories Act requirements, Written program with protocols, SOPs Exposure measurement Risk assessment Screening of Continue reading →

Emotional Health @ the Workplace

Emotional health issues at the workplace are gaining significance as they cause serious work disruption, poor performance & stressful work environment. We provide comprehensive services that include, Acute Incident Managemente.g.Suicide on site 24 X 7 Doctor / Counselor  on call Face to face counseling  for employees & their families Emergency notification to HRM / Medical Officer of the Company in case of potentially acute case Advice in developing policies & SOPs Workshops for ‘People managers” Employee Awareness programs Referral & Total Case Management(TCM) Utilization reports

Training Programs

We conduct a variety of training programs for employees and based on the needs of the client, training modules can be designed to suit the requirement. Most training can be given through Web based seminars with T cons. However, those that have direct practical application need to be face to face. First Aid and Fire Fighting training for example. A few categories of training programs that we offer are, First Aid, Basic Life Support and AED Industrial Hygiene: example: MSDS , Hazard Identification Occupational Health: Continue reading →

On-Site Health Check

This program is based on At the Customer, For the Customer (ACFC) Concept & involves setting up a complete clinic at your site for a short duration. It is manned by experienced Doctors & nurses. Blood & Urine samples are collected & sent to our central laboratory in the city for all tests. This ensures accuracy, we do not believe in short cuts. Employee receives a comprehensive medical report and Medical advice by scheduling just two visits during office hours, at the Office! The profile Continue reading →

On Site Ambulance

Our Ambulances are equipped with Emergency Medical Response Staff, Equipment and drugs which provide critical care during the ‘Platinum 10 minutes’ of an emergency. We provide this service through a well maintained vehicle & Drivers who are trained in First Aid & Basic Life Support. The Ambulance is equipped with, Emergency Medical Kit Medical Oxygen Ambu-Bag Suction Machine Spine Support & splints Pulse Oxymeter

On Site Clinic

Our On Site clinics are not for giving Crocin for fever! We provide a bunch of value added & unique services through our clinic: ‘Medpoint’. We help your employees access quality Medical care & Wellness while at work. They are, Emergency Medical Treatment Doctor’s consultation & initial treatment Travel Medicine, Vaccinations On site Pharmacy service On site Biometrics service Advice to managing absence Cafeteria hygiene management Ergo evaluation of work stations & advice Referrals to consultants & follow up On site specialist consultations Assistance to Continue reading →