Periodic Medical Examinations / Medical Surveillance Examinations (MSESs) & Biological Monitoring (BM)

We provide guidance in establishing Medical surveillance program which complies with Govt. of India statutes like The Factories Act & Radiation Protection Act as well as OSHA standards, whichever are more stringent.

Once the protocol of tests, periodicity for potentially exposed employees or exposure group is identified, we get the MSE done either On-site or at an approved Healthcare provider facility.

The test results and next steps are managed as per the protocol and compliance requirements. The employees are not only provided with copy of report/s but complete information is provided to they so that they assured that their health is not adversely impacted.

Biological Monitoring: We advise & organize Biological monitoring protocols based on regulatory requirements for potentially exposed employees for 45 + chemicals like Heavy metals, PAHs, etc. based on globally accepted methodology recommended by ACGIH, USA. The analysis of samples is carried out at NABL and MOEF approved laboratory using NIOSH protocol.