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Tips for Diabetics

There is nothing as such called “Diabetes diet”. The type of food recommended in diabetes aims at controlling high bold sugar levels. The food that is good for a diabetic is also good for non diabetic.That means every body in the family can eat the same healthy food at meal time. Slight modification is needed for diabetics.Some of the tips are given below, but each individual has to get the tailor made diet charts from dietician for good control of sugars.

Note :

Fruits are recommended in between meals .Its always better to consume whole fruit than fruit juices.


  • Follow meals at prescribed timings.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables, green leafy vegetables and salads.
  • Oil – ½ litre per person per month (i.e. 3 – 4 tsp per day).
  • Include fruit everyday according to instructions.
  • Restrict sweets and direct sugars, bakery products
  • Restrict papads and pickles.
  • Restrict deep fried items.
  • After a meal wait for two hours before lying down or sleeping as this allows for digestion.
  • Regular exercise for 45 min per day.
  • Practice meditation /yoga to reduce stress.
  • Go for regular reviews.
  • Use more of sprouts for protein source
  • Amla powder 2tsp /day
  • Flax seeds 2tspoon /day

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